1. Cold - Hipgnosis 19:04
2. Cult of Cargo - Hipgnosis 10:05
3. Dr What - Hipgnosis 06:24
4. The Garden - Hipgnosis 05:08
5. Relusion - Hipgnosis 08:57
6. Large Hadron Collider - Hipgnosis 22:20

Yamaha Tour Custom drums, Ddrum 4 SE kick & pads, Virus TI synthesizer, EMU E5000 Ultra Sampler, Korg D888 Digital Recording Studio, Virtual Synthesizers, all instruments in “Large Hadron Collider” except*
Lead vocal
5-strings Schecter Stiletto Bass Diamond Series, Bass Floor POD Line 6, vocals ThuG
Roland Fantom X7, Virus TI synthesizer, Virtual Synthesizers, all solos in “The Garden”
EMU E5000 Ultra Sampler, Roland A-37 MIDI Controller, Korg X50 synthesizer, Virtual Synthesizers, piano & prepared piano

Special guest:
Marcin Kruczek – guitar solos in “Relusion” (1 st ) and “Large Hadron Collider”

The cover design includes two pictures by Tomasz Sętowski: “Two Worlds” and “A Chamber of Earthly Delights” https://www.setowski.com

Recirded between December 2010 – September 2011 by Paweł Hebda

Mix & master by Paweł Hebda & SeQ
Graphic design by McS
LHC photos – CERN archives