2018-10-28 09:10:40 Gigs!2018-04-12 First gig after 3 years! 2017-09 Rehearsals started! Some gigs are coming!2015-03-21 01:03:07 LIFE PLAYS NO ENCORES - Box Of Official Bootlegs DVD + 3 CD A new live recordings coming soon in April 2015! DVD - Radio Kraków, Kraków Poland 27-03-2011 and Night Of The Prog III Festival, Loreley, Germany 18-07-2008 ( with Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze & Lisa Gerrard ). On CDs: Radio PiK, Bydgoszcz, Poland 2-07-2010 + Bielsko-Biała, Poland 16-12-2012 + 26-04-2013 and Sosonowiec, Poland 18-10-2014 ( the gig we played only instrumental, SeQ+ThuG+PiTu! ). PRICE IS ONLY 15 EUR OR 15$ !2013-05-11 08:05:06 ... and then there were four ... SEQ KUL PITU THUG2013-05-05 10:05:22 HI-FI World 2012-08-10 Hipgnosis Live on Krakon! Kraków, Poland, Klub Studio, ul. Budryka 4, 7 p.m., with Hellhaven and I Set My Pixels On Fire.2012-07-20 10:07:43 HIPGNOSIS TO BE RELEASED ON VINYL FOR THE FIRST TIME! Autumn 2012 will see the vinyl release of “Relusion” - the third album from Kraków, Poland-based rock group Hipgnosis. “Relusion” will come out as a deluxe edition containing two 180 gr vinyl discs. “Relusion” is the band’s statement on religion and the spiritual aspects of human life. It is inspired by Richard Dawkins’ book “The God Delusion” and consists of 72 minutes of ambitious music divided into six songs. The album reached fifth place in “Noc Muzycznych Pejzaży” - a popular radio show run by Piotr Kosiński. Szymon Gołąb (Jazz Radio) wrote: “It’s the third record from Hipgnosis and an accomplished attempt at reaching musical perfection, brighter than numerous Polish neon-shining rock star wannabes”. Check back for more delails on this up-coming masterpiece and more thrilling news in the near future!2012-05-26 COVENANT XVI Poland, Kraków, Zabłocie Str. 23, at 5 p.m. KATHAARSYS + HIPGNOSIS  LACRIMA + GALLILEOUS + HEART ATTACK + FLESHWORLD2012-04-15 HIPGNOSIS & LEBOWSKI LIVE TOGETHER !! Chorzów, Klub LEŚNICZÓWKA, Aleja Muzyków, 41-500 Chorzów, 32 241 07 25; 15 April, at 8.00 p.m. Tickets - 20 PLN PROGGNOZY II: HIPGNOSIS + AFTER... + BRAIN CONNECT start at 19.00. Zaścianek Club, Rostafińskiego Street 4, Kraków, Poland.2012-03-03 PROGGNOZY I: HIPGNOSIS + NEMEZIS + JERZY GÓRKA ARTKIESTRA start at 19.00. Zaścianek Club, Rostafińskiego Street 4, Kraków, Poland.2012-01-31 08:01:14 1st place on Rock Serwis Bestseller Top Chart! www.rockserwis.pl2012-01-14 12:01:16 RELUSION - 3rd place, Album Of The Year, "Megastacja",com_fireboard/Itemid,42/func,view/catid,56/id,52528/#525282011-12-13 Rock Serwis Bestseller Top Chart "Relusion" is at the 2 position on Rock Serwis Bestseller Top Chart !2011-11-14 New HIPGNOSIS album 6 songs, 72 minutes of the music ! The record has been created for a long time but it fulfils our expectations! It is different Hipgnosis that those from the first CD, but there is no revolution. After all, it took 5 years since "Sky is the Limit"...2011-02-21 Tour Hipgnosis and Quantum Fantay Mini tour Hipgnosis and Quantum Fantay ( )!
25.03.2011 - Dom Kultury w Gniewkowie ( HIPGNOSIS + QUANTUM FANTAY ))
27.03.2011 - Radio Kraków), g. 19.00 ( HIPGNOSIS + QUANTUM FANTAY2010-08-06 IV Progressive Rock Festival Gniewkowo 2010: Leafless Tree- 17:00 Acute Mind- 18:15 Moonrise- 19:30 Osada Vida- 21:00 Hipgnosis- 22:45 Dworcowa 17, 88-140 Gniewkowo, tel./ fax: (0-52)355-88-002010-07-02 Live At The Radio PiK - Bydgoszcz, Poland ul.Gdańska 48, 85-006 Bydgoszcz, 19.05 tel.+48 (52) 32 74 000, fax+48 (52) 34 56 013, --- the whole new material from the unrecorded new album "Relusion" - in the present form...and others...Live broadcasting!2010-07-01 live at THE LIZARD KING, Toruń, Kopernika 3 Street, (56) 621 0 234, start at 8.00 p.m., no support  tradycyjny zestaw koncertów tego roku - w całości nowa, nie wydana jeszcze płyta "RELUSION" plus stary materiał, całość potrwa ok. 100 minut!2010-05-23 Live at the ANDALUZJA CLUB, Piekary Śląskie, with Osada Vida Oświęcimska 45, 41-947 Piekary Śląskie, tel. (032) 284 56 20 fax. (032) 288 35 58 http://www.okandaluzja.piekary.pl2010-01-17 RELUSION AT THE PRL CLUB - Live at the PRL Club, Kraków, Garncarska Street no 5, tickets 7 PLN. After more than one-year break we come back to perform not only our old music, but also three covers and the whole new material from the unrecorded new album "Relusion" - in the present form. Review: Now works begin on a new record with the working title RELUSION planned as the coherent view on any religion and the spiritual live of a man, inspired by the book by Richard Dawkins "The God Delusion". The expected premiere - the second part of the year 2010.2008-07-18/20 HIPGNOSIS at the Night Of The Prog Festival 2008, 18-20.VII. 2008, Loreley, Germany click for more info with TANGERINE DREAM, KLAUS SCHULZE, FISH, RODGER HODGSON, CIRCA ( Alan White,Tony Kaye,Billy Sherwood,Jimmy Haun ) and others ...2007-10-01 Live album entitled Still Ummadelling to be released. CD is 70+ minutes long and includes a bonus studio track: "Wherever The Angels Fall". Publisher: STUDIO HIPGNOSIS-ART, distribution: ROCK SERWIS ( I CRACOW PROGRESS FEST RPWL, Hipgnosis, PiKANTiK, A.U.Y Lochness ul. Warszawska 15, 24.04 godz. 18:302006-06-15 CD singiel EP was released in limited emision, only 400 copies 2006-05-15 Sky Is The Limit is available