“Isn’t enough that the garden is beautiful? Must there live fairies?”
The music on “SKY IS THE LIMIT” can not be uniquely classified, as someone wrote it is “the result of thousands of influences, various music styles, and opening to ourself and other people”. Since 15 May 2006 one can join the incredible travel with HIPGNOSIS.
HIPGNOSIS was founded in Krakow in 2004. The name is a connection of words with many meanings and references. Musicians collaborated earlier with many Krakow's groups, but HIPGNOSIS is for them the starting point and new birth, so their musical past is not important for this project.
“SKY IS THE LIMIT”, phonographic debut of HIPGNOSIS, was created between March and September 2005 with help of Łukasz Gorycki. It was recorded in Krakow's studios FPGS and Hipgnosis-Art Studio. In the same time Łukasz took part in realization of the solo record of the legendary guitarist of Pink Floyd David Gilmour. Unfortunately, musicians did not meet each other. That was pity since Pink Floyd is one of the most important inspirations of the band leader of HIPGNOSIS – SQ.
HIPGNOSIS has sentiment to analog records. That’s why the time of “SKY IS THE LIMIT” is only 41 minutes, and pieces of music can be divided into the A and B sides – nice, warm, singing by the woman voice songs in the first part and heavier and harsher music in the second part.
The record was released in collaboration between the STUDIO HIPGNOSIS-ART (musicians rejected to sign the contract with the Universal Music Poland, and in order to keep their independence and financial control they founded the firm) and Krakow’s company MUSIC CORNER, which supported a great number of legendary records like De Press and Dziubek, Pudelsi, Homo Twist, Świetliki and Tymon Tymański. It is a good combination of alternative past with the fresh look at music.
On 1 October 2007 the live record “Still Ummadelling” was released in their own firm, and a new distributor become Rock Serwis. It contains an additional studio recording “Wherever The Angels Fall”, and 74 minutes of music with about half an hour of new music. It includes the cover of Pink Floyd “Careful With That Axe Eugene”, under changed title “Take Care of Your Axe Eugene”, presented e.g. by Piotr Kaczkowski in Polish Radio III.
On 18 July 2008 the band played on the Festival NIGHT OF THE PROG III, in Loreley (Germany), beside such great musicians and bands like Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and Lisa Gerrard, Roger Hodgson (Supertramp), Fish, Pain of Salvation and many others.
Since 1 January 2009 their records are distributed in Belgium and Holland by the company MARISTA, with the possibility of selling in Germany and France. 
On November 14th 2011, new record entitled "Relusion" was released, a coherent statement about all religions and the spirit side of life, inspired by Richard Dawkins' book "God Delusion". The record contains 72 minutes of music, divided into only 6 pieces of music.
There are already positive reviews, and most of them emphasize uniqueness of the sound. Indeed, in spite of many inspirations it is hard to find any typical model ...